Firelight, Game Development

Firelight is Coming to Kingdom-Con San Diego!

Attention Adventurers: Firelight is coming to Kingdom-Con San Diego tomorrow, Friday April 28th! Be the first to play and help shape the future of Firelight with your feedback!

If you are registered for the convention, you will be able to attend the adjacent UnPub Mini event taking place at Crowne Plaza San Diego. Simply head to 2270 Hotel Circle North in San Diego and look for the "UnPub" sign (you will need a valid Kingdom-Con badge to gain entry). 

We will be testing during Session One on Friday the 28th from 2PM to 5PM. Please arrive early if you would like to play the game, and remember to stay until the end of the session for the UnPub raffle drawing!

Finally, it's important to note that the version of Firelight being tested tomorrow is an extremely early print-and-play prototype, meaning the design of the cards, the artwork, the card text, and the rules themselves are all rough and do not represent what Firelight will be as a final product. That's why we're testing, after all - We want YOU to shape the game with us!

Thanks for reading and we'll see you all at Kingdom-Con tomorrow!