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Free Firelight Copies, Giveaways and More

Today's update will be a quick one, but one that you'll definitely want to read all the way through! We have some exciting news brewing as we get closer and closer to our anticipated Kickstarter launch on July 11.

Free Firelight Copies!

If you haven't discovered our mailing list signup below, there's no better time than now! Add your email to the list before July 10, 2017, and you will be eligible to receive a complementary print-and-play copy of Firelight with your Kickstarter donation!

Print-and-play copies are anticipated to ship in PDF format at least a month before the physical game arrives on shelves. That means not only do you get a copy you can take anywhere, but you also get it early!

Just sign up below and make sure you stay subscribed through our Kickstarter. If you use a different email address on the mailing list as you do on Kickstarter, please make a note of that in your donation.

Upcoming Giveaways

In the coming weeks, we're about to add another great perk to being on our mailing list - Giveaways! You'll be able to enter for your chance to win free copies of Firelight, amazing Firelight prize packages, and more!

Signing up for our mailing list won't be the only way to enter, though. Chances are there will be extra incentives for starting discussions over social media. We're still working on the full set of rules, but the end goal is to create a more cohesive online community that can enjoy the game together.

Public Playtests

When it comes to playtests, Kingdom-Con was only the beginning. We are pleased to say that we have drafted up a brand new set of rules based on player feedback received at the Con, and we've also begun work on the final card designs that will ship in the box!

If you'd like to play the game prior to our Kickstarter event, keep an eye on our blog. We'll be attending many of the California conventions between now and then.

If you're not in the California area, don't despair! We are working on arranging a very exciting guest appearance that will give everyone a taste of Firelight's madcap sandbox gameplay. Stay tuned for details!