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Artist Profile: Caitlin Scannell

Our Artist Profiles series spotlights the talented artists working to bring Firelight to life. Today's profile features the work of Caitlin Scannell, creator of Heir Presumptive and the charming Roll a D20 mini zine. Caitlin also contributed to The Adventure Zine, a charity magazine based on the podcast "The Adventure Zone".

Caitlin's deep ties to the role-playing community and the diverse array of characters in her personal work makes her a perfect fit for Firelight. That's why we have tapped Caitlin to provide artwork for not only the cards, but for the game's box as well! 

Read on to preview some of the great images Caitlin will be contributing to the world of Firelight!

Firelight Box Art by Caitlin Scannell

Firelight: The Questing Card Game. Box art by Caitlin Scannell.

Firelight: The Questing Card Game. Box art by Caitlin Scannell.

When it came to the Firelight box art, we knew that we wanted to convey several things. First and foremost was the wonderful feeling of sitting in a circle telling stories with your friends. This is, after all, the primary mechanic in Firelight. However, we also needed to communicate the game's fantasy setting and deeper role-playing mechanics - Firelight is meant to be a bridge between casual tabletop games and the more complex fare like Dungeons & Dragons. Finally, we wanted to showcase our array of Adventurers and the different types of roles you can assume in the game.

Those elements are brought together seamlessly in this cover, which showcases our Adventurers stopped for the night, telling stories around the fire with their fantastical friends.

This box art also contains a few Easter Eggs referencing various components of the game, making it fun to look over even after you've already played a few rounds. The book towards the front, for instance, is a BookWyrm. This toothy tome can be collected as a Treasure in Firelight, and used to damage enemies in a variety of ways. Similarly, the sword behind the Warrior is our Steel Sword, a common Treasure which lets you pile on additional damage during combat.

Finally, we couldn't forget about the adorable little mushroom fellow up front. In fact, this little guy deserves his very own entry...

Shroomlet by Caitlin Scannell

The Shroomlet is one of  Firelight 's less intimidating enemies. Art by Caitlin Scannell.

The Shroomlet is one of Firelight's less intimidating enemies. Art by Caitlin Scannell.

The Shroomlet is one of Firelight's most adorable inhabitants. This little guy is shy and easily intimidated during battle, and often releases hallucinogenic spores as he tries to escape. Uh oh!

As seen in the box art, it is actually possible for Adventurers to tame the Shroomlet (as well as most any other enemy in Firelight) through the use of the Creature's Cage, a rare Treasure. 

The whole team has taken quite a liking to the Shroomlet as we've seen the game advance, and he's become a sort of mascot for us as we continue work on the game's art. If you also like the Shroomlet, keep an eye out for our Kickstarter - There will be plenty of surprises in store!

Life of the Party by Caitlin Scannell

Firelight 's 'Life of the Party' Quest. Art by Caitlin Scannell.

Firelight's 'Life of the Party' Quest. Art by Caitlin Scannell.

Finally, we come to one of Caitlin's most extravagant pieces for the game - Life of the Party. This Quest sees players infiltrating a vampire masquerade ball in search of a priceless piece of artwork. Once you find the art, it is your job to steal it out from under the nose of the vampires and their ravenous Queen.

Fans of this artwork can read more about the Quest in "Firelight Stories: Life of the Party", a dramatization of a real playtesting session we hosted recently.


After each of the above sketches is finalized, they will be applied to our game cards and used to give players guidance and inspiration during their play sessions. Better yet, each Quest card will be jumbo-sized, giving players a better view of all the magic.

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