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HobbyHorse Games in 2018: What's Next

2017 was a wild first year for HobbyHorse Games - Firelight was a bigger Kickstarter success than we had dared to dream, with over 250% funded from over 460 backers. It was a fantastic start to what we hope will be a long career in game development for the company, and we're hoping to keep that momentum going with a jam-packed 2018.

Here's what you can expect to see from HobbyHorse Games over the coming year.

Firelight Launches

Firelight: The Questing Card Game  hits in early Spring 2018

Firelight: The Questing Card Game hits in early Spring 2018

With artwork completed and production beginning, Firelight should be in your hands in early Spring. As promised, the final game will contain 20 Quest cards and 8 Adventurer cards, each featuring gorgeous artwork, as well as 135 Personalities, Treasures and Enemies. Backers at the $35 level will also receive 10 Kickstarter-exclusive bonus cards in the box.

Add-Ons such as custom dice are also in production at the moment, and the hope is to ship all Add-Ons at the same time as the core game, with the exception of the expansion, which ships this September.

We're still working out a strategy for taking excess units to retail following the Spring launch, so the best way to guarantee your copy is to pre-order Firelight from BackerKit before the January 30th deadline.

Furocious Comes to Kickstarter

Furocious  will hit Kickstarter in Summer 2018

Furocious will hit Kickstarter in Summer 2018

Furocious is our next full project following Firelight. A light dungeon-crawling and resource management game for the whole family, Furocious casts players as "Fat Cats", frugal felines who compete with one another to plunder treasure from the depths of dungeons. Hire your favorite furry mercenaries, send them into the dungeon, and outsmart your opponents to seize the treasure!

Furocious will enter full production only after Firelight ships, and is anticipated to hit Kickstarter in the Summer of 2018. It is appropriate for all ages, can be played in 20 minutes or less, and features adorable new artwork from Firelight artist Caitlin Scannell!

If you're in the Los Angeles area, look out for opportunities to play the Furocious prototype before the Kickstarter launches this Summer.

Firelight: Eldritch Visions Launches

Firelight: Eldritch Visions, coming in Fall 2018

Firelight: Eldritch Visions, coming in Fall 2018

Currently anticipated to ship for Kickstarter backers in September and everyone else in October, Firelight: Eldritch Visions expands the core Firelight game with new Quests, Adventurers, Personalities, Treasures and Enemies. 

When a sinister force opens the Gates of Dur'Licht, unleashing hoards of nightmarish creatures on the world of Firelight, it's up to Adventurers old and new to band together and stem the tide. Featuring an array of creepy-crawly Quests illustrated by Natalie Riess, Eldritch Visions will send players across the continent as they battle for control of the world itself.

Other Surprises

Even as we speak, more treats are being prepared for the coming year. Look out for some big surprises over the course of the year! We'll be updating the blog each week from here on out, so stay tuned!