Furocious: How to Play

Furocious is the new board game from HobbyHorse Games - part dungeon crawler, part strategy game and all fur-flying fun. The game supports up to 5 players, can be completed in 20 minutes or less, and was designed to foster strategic competition between family and friends.

In Furocious, each player becomes a "Fat Cat", a feline tycoon who makes money by plundering dungeons for loot. But dungeon crawling is a hairy business, and you don't want to get your paws dirty - That's why you send in a team of specially-skilled Mercenaries in your stead.

A Mercenary in  Furocious , the new dungeon crawler/strategy game from HobbyHorse Games

A Mercenary in Furocious, the new dungeon crawler/strategy game from HobbyHorse Games

Please note: The below represents a summary of Furocious' rule set, and not a final copy - The final rulebook will be revealed before our Kickstarter!

Furocious - Beginning the Game

To start the game, players each choose a Fat Cat token. This will represent the player and his/her Mercenaries and they carve their way through the dungeon.

Next, lay out the dungeon board. This board represents the dungeon, and contains multiple paths from the Start to the shiny Treasure at the end.

Each path through the dungeon requires unique strengths to proceed. For example, one path may require Strength and Intelligence, while another might require Stealth and Healing. As each path goes deeper into the dungeon, more talents will be required to proceed.

Collecting Mercenaries

Since your Fat Cat doesn't possess any inherent Strength, Stealth, Healing or Intelligence, you'll have to hire others to do the work for you! These "others" are called Mercenaries, and their services can be bought at the market for Gems

At the start of each round, players will take turn bidding on their favorite Mercenaries. There are only a limited supply of Mercenaries to go around, so you'll have to outbid and outsmart opponents, using strategy and misdirection to your advantage. Do you want to go all in and build your army early, or save for a late-game rush? Or perhaps you fancy yourself a sneaky Fat Cat, swiping the Mercenaries your opponents will need in the future to slow their progress in the late game.

Deeply flexible, yet accessible to all ages, Furocious' Mercenary collection system provides hours of backstabbing fun for everyone!

Dungeon Crawling

After all players have bid on their Mercenaries, it's time to progress through the dungeon. Moving farther into the dungeon requires a certain combination of Strength, Stealth, Intelligence and Healing, depending on the path you chose in the beginning of the game. 

As you progress deeper into the dungeon, the dangers will increase tenfold, forcing you to adapt your strategy as your opponents race to catch up.

You never know what will happen in this unique and thrilling dungeon crawling strategy game, but one thing's for sure... The competition will be Furocious!

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