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Artist Profile: Jose Ochoa

Our final artist profile before Firelight ships has arrived! Today we focus on Jose Ochoa, whose work brings striking color contrasts and powerful characters to the world of Firelight

Take a look at a few of Jose's works below, and be sure to read each description for a sneak peek at the associated Quests!

The Black Sheep, by Jose Ochoa

 The Black Sheep, by Jose Ochoa. Created for Firelight.

The Black Sheep, by Jose Ochoa. Created for Firelight.

In this Quest, Adventurers are hired to track down Elise, a troubled girl who has fallen in with a gang of revolutionaries. Her brother, worried that Elise may do something she regrets, has put you on her trail. Adventurers will search for clues in a rough-and-tumble bar and an old shanty town before making their way towards a final confrontation with Elise and the revolutionaries in the city capital.

Getting Schooled, by Jose Ochoa

 Getting Schooled, by Jose Ochoa for Firelight.

Getting Schooled, by Jose Ochoa for Firelight.

How do you do, fellow kids? In this Quest, Adventurers go undercover in a magic high school, searching for a fallen black mage who is taking refuge among the students. You'll have to make up student identities and collect intel in multiple classes as you hunt the dangerous Voldo. Apprehend or defeat him before he can recover his powers and destroy the entire school. But be careful! There's no talking in class.

That's not all...

These are just a few of Firelight's 20 included Quests. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the full retail edition at to get all of the Quests!

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