Firelight, Kickstarter

Firelight is Funded!

The Firelight Kickstarter is a success! Our campaign ended at 8am PST on August 10th, with $25,043 in final funding (that's 223% of the original $11,200 goal).

From here on out, our number one priority is completing Firelight and working on final game balance before sending everything off to the manufacturers early this September. As we move forward with the project, here's what you can expect:

  • If you're a Kickstarter backer, you will receive post-campaign updates during all of the major steps of the manufacturing process. The first of these updates was sent out yesterday morning, and details all of the steps we have left before Firelight hits your doorstep.
  • Our BackerKit store will go live in around 2 weeks. If you missed the Kickstarter but are interested in Firelight, the BackerKit store is your best bet at pre-ordering the game. You can also get all of the Add-Ons, including custom dice, art books, and more. The Kickstarter-exclusive $35 reward tier, however, will not be included on the BackerKit page.
  • We are currently working on partnerships with new artists to finish off the last of Firelight's cards. Look out for an announcement soon. This will be followed by more Artist Profiles.
  • With printing and shipping estimated to take around 4 months, we are currently looking at shipping in early 2018.
  • The first Firelight expansion, "Eldritch Visions", will begin seeking artwork after this. We will also seek help from our backers to create the first "Eldritch Visions" Quest!
  • With our Kickstarter being a huge success and a ton of fun to boot, we're looking to continue creating through crowdfunding as long as there's demand for it. Look out for announcements in 2018! 

Once more, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped make Firelight a reality. We couldn't do it without you!