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Firelight Kickstarter: Detailed Breakdown

Firelight  header for our Kickstarter campaign.

Firelight header for our Kickstarter campaign.

Firelight hits Kickstarter on Tuesday, July 11 at 8am PST, and the page is just about finalized at this point. With that in mind, we'd like to give you a rundown of what you can expect Day 1 and beyond on our Kickstarter.

The Basics

Launch TimesFirelight will launch July 11th at 8am PST, 11am EST.

Price: The full game of Firelight will retail for $30.

What's in the Box?: One game of Firelight includes 163 cards, one 6-sided die, one 16-page instruction manual, and access to nearly 60 campaign maps which will launch on our website in 2018. The breakdown of the different cards is:

  • 20 Jumbo-sized (3.5"x5.75") Quest cards. These are really the showpieces of Firelight: They're huge, they feature gorgeous artwork, and they're vital to telling stories in the game. These are designed to be passed around and admired by all of the players.
  • 8 Adventurer cards. These represent the different character archetypes you can play as, and also feature great artwork.
  • 60 Treasure cards. These give your players unique and powerful items to use at any time, in or out of battle.
  • 35 Personality cards. These cards give players unique, randomly-generated personalities and backstories. Between the different Adventurers, Treasures, and Personalities, there are near-infinite character combinations.
  • 40 Enemy cards. These cards give players enemies to fight in light, strategic battles.

Campaign Length: The campaign will last for 30 days. However, on Kickstarter it is really important to get great momentum going during the first 48 hours - One major way that Kickstarter chooses which projects to feature is by seeing how many people donate during the first day or two. With this in mind, we encourage anyone interested in Firelight to please visit the campaign early!

Funding Goal: $11,200

Exclusives: Several Kickstarter exclusives will be featured during the campaign.

First is a Kickstarter-exclusive version of Firelight, which includes 5 Treasure cards and 5 Personality cards you can ONLY get by contributing to the campaign. This version costs $35. 

Next are the Stretch Goals. While not strictly Kickstarter-exclusive, these goals will only be available for the first print run of the game, so supplies will be extremely limited outside of those purchased during the campaign. See the "Stretch Goals" section below for more information.

Finally, donors will have the chance at getting a Kickstarter-exclusive gift in their Firelight boxes. See the "Backer Achievements" section below for further details.

Pledge Levels

As of now, there are seven different Pledge Levels in the Firelight campaign. 

Quest Giver: $1 - Have your name printed in the "Special Thanks" section on

Adventurer: $30 - Receive 1 copy of the Firelight card game.

Adventurer (KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE) - Receive 1 copy of the Firelight card game, including 5 Personality cards and 5 Treasure cards EXCLUSIVE to the Kickstarter campaign!

Game Master: $50 - Receive two copies of Firelight including Kickstarter-exclusive cards from above.

Explorer: $65 - Receive Firelight's first expansion, Eldritch Horrors, one month before the general public. Includes two copies of Firelight + Kickstarter-exclusive cards.

Retailer: $125 - Receive five copies of the base Firelight game. Guarantee your shop's access to Firelight's first print run! Must prove retailer status.

Overlord: $500 - Receive a hand-drawn "Thank You" note and all Add-Ons. Includes everything from Explorer tier down.

Stretch Goals

So far, we have released three unique Stretch Goals. We have plenty more waiting in the wings, but those will be timed reveals depending on the success of the initial campaign. We want to make sure things stay interesting beyond just the first 48 hours and last 48 hours.

All Stretch Goals focus on either expanding the game itself, or expanding the game's community. We want Firelight to be the best game it can be, and we aim to funnel any extra funds into supporting that goal.

+4K: This first Stretch Goal gives all copies of Firelight in the first print run an upgraded die. As opposed to a standard 16mm die, this Stretch Goal will upgrade all dice in the first print run to a massive 20mm. Very satisfying to roll.

+6K: The second Stretch Goal offers an improved box. The standard Firelight box is a standard 1.5mm telescoping box (it has two discrete sections, a bottom which stores the cards, and a top which slides over the bottom to contain it). This Stretch Goal upgrades the box to a more durable 2mm and even adds a neat magnetic hinge.

+8K: The final Stretch Goal we are revealing today will upgrade the cards themselves. Standard Firelight cards are your average 280gsm playing cards. This is the same type of card stock you might have seen in Cards Against Humanity, Superfight, or hundreds of other games. They're great, but with the proper funding we can make them something truly special. This Stretch Goal will upgrade all of our cards to a sturdy 380gsm, making them significantly more durable and serving as a great backdrop for the wonderful artwork they contain.


In addition to the base Firelight game, there are also a few Add-Ons which you can apply to your purchase. Again, these are designed to expand the game and provide more context, story, and fun for players.

Custom Dice: $10 - A set of six D6 dice emblazoned with the Firelight "Flame" logo (representing a Critical Success) and a "Shroomlet" enemy silhouette (representing a Critical Failure).

Expansion: $15 - Pre-order Firelight's first expansion. For those who do not wish to purchase the $65 Explorer tier, which comes with two copies of the base Firelight game.

Game Master's Handbook: $20 - A booklet featuring actual play, tips and tricks, and alternate Quest scenarios for Game Masters. Use this to expand and enhance the core Firelight experience, and add hours of new playtime.

Art & Lore Book: $50 - A high-quality art book containing development sketches and final pieces from Michelle Czajkowski, Loika, Vicki Tsai, and Caitlin Scannell. Also contains short fiction in the world of Firelight that expands the game's lore.

Backer Achievements

To better facilitate a strong community behind Firelight, we have created Backer Achievements to encourage interaction. Achievements are split into Tiers, each of which has five different Achievements. For each Tier of Achievements completed, the backers will get to help design one Quest for Firelight's first expansion, "Eldritch Horrors". 

Additionally, if backers complete all five of the Achievements in the first Tier within the campaign's first 48 hours, they'll unlock an exclusive mystery gift in every copy of the game.

The first five Achievements are:

1. Reach 100% campaign funding

2. Share 3 photos of your gaming groups with the hashtag "#FirelightKickstarter"

3. Reach 950 followers on the HobbyHorse Games Twitter (@HobbyHorseGames)

4. Reach 100 Likes on the HobbyHorse Games Facebook page

5. Share the Kickstarter campaign 50 times on social media

Final Thoughts

The Firelight team has put a hard year of work into creating this Kickstarter, and regardless of what happens over the next month, we really appreciate you all taking this journey with us. We are confident that we have created the best role-playing game we can, and a truly great entry point into the genre for new fans. If you agree, then we hope to see you July 11th as we decide the future of this company together :)