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Firelight: Everything You Need to Know


Greetings Adventurers! Firelight: The Questing Card Game launches on Kickstarter tomorrow, July 11th, introducing an even bigger audience to the wonderful world of role-playing games. But it's been a long road to get here - We first announced Firelight publicly back in March, and we began working on it long before that.

In the time since, there's been a lot of news, so we've taken the liberty of condensing all of that in one place. This is everything you need to know about Firelight before the campaign launches tomorrow. Just click the titles below to jump instantly to the corresponding blog posts!

Firelight Announcement PostThrow it back to the very first announcement post, where we lay out our vision for Firelight.

The Mechanics of FirelightGet a broad overview of how Firelight will work when you bring it to the table. Features a summary of Quests, Adventurers, game structure, and more.

Listen to Firelight Actual PlayWant to hear what Firelight is like when you finally bring it to your table? Listen to actual play and follow the story of one complete Quest. Remember, this is just one of our 20 different Quests, each of which offers a unique story!

How Podcasts and Webcomics Inspired Our New Tabletop RPGRead about how we were first inspired to create Firelight, and what we aim to learn from our sources of inspiration.

Michelle Czajkowski Artwork - Sneak PeekTake a look at the early sketches artist Michelle Czajkowski created for Firelight, and check back on the Kickstarter to see her final artwork featured!

Vicki Tsai Artwork - Sneak PeekSee how artist Vicki Tsai makes our Troubadour and Trickster Adventurers pop!

Caitlin Scannell Artwork + Box Art - Sneak PeekIn this double-whammy post, we previewed new work from Caitlin Scannell AND showed off the Firelight box art for the first time!

Loika Artwork - Sneak PeekSome of the earliest work created for Firelight, these sketches by artist Loika show off the early artistic direction for the game. Look out for the final copies on our Kickstarter page!

How We Streamlined Role-Playing Mechanics for FirelightRead about the streamlining process for creating Firelight's simpler rule set.

How Quests Are Made in FirelightQuests in Firelight guide players, while at the same time providing complete player freedom. Find out about our process and the different types of Quests you can expect to encounter.

Meet the AdventurersMeet our first group of Adventurers, who players will embody during their Firelight Quests.

First Look - Quests, Adventurers, and TreasuresTake a look at some more of the Quests, Adventurers, and Treasures you'll play with in Firelight.

Kickstarter Overview - Funding Goal, Stretch Goals, Add-Ons and MoreNow that you've seen all of our previews, check out the different pledge options which will be featured on our Kickstarter page. Our Stretch Goals are designed to improve the game and provide more long-term content for our community, while our Add-Ons deepen the game's lore and offer exclusive looks at more development art, stories, and alternate Quest scenarios.