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First Look: Firelight Quests, Adventurers, and Treasures

Firelight is a unique role-playing game in that nearly all of its mechanics are represented through cards, not a large rule book. This makes creating Quests and Adventurers a more intuitive process, and adds fun layers of randomness to every game. 

With cards being so important to the game, we figured it was time to show you a first look at a few of the different card types you'll be playing with.

The Adventurers

The Warrior Adventurer from Firelight (art by Caitlin Scannell)

The Warrior Adventurer from Firelight (art by Caitlin Scannell)

The Adventurers represent the different characters you'll be playing in the game. Each Adventurer card features an image, an HP total, five statistics, and three abilities. Cards are designed to maximize the presence of our gorgeous artwork, with layering effects to help the larger-than-life Adventurers pop from the frame. 

Mechanically speaking, each Adventurer has one primary focus. In the case of the Warrior pictured above, that focus is simple: brute strength. As you can see, the Warrior's Strength stat dwarfs statistics such as Stealth and Persuasion. This Adventurer, in other words, is for those who want to dominate in battle and make impressive shows of power. 

Still, that's not all the Warrior can do. In Firelight, we want each Adventurer to feel as if they can "break" the game in one special way. Thwarting the grand plan and re-adapting to unanticipated situations are half the fun of role-playing, after all. In the case of the Warrior, his "Wallop" ability allows him to re-write the personality of any non-player character, assigning them one randomly-generated trait. This ability is put to great use in our One Shot episode, where host James D'Amato and friends create a sentient bomb who is searching for the perfect place to explode himself.

Each Adventurer's Abilities are conducive to creating hilarious situations like this.

The Treasures

The Bottle of Spirits Treasure card in Firelight

The Bottle of Spirits Treasure card in Firelight

Treasure cards are designed to give Adventurers unique options in and out of battle, separate from their Abilities. Players draw one new Treasure for each successful objective they complete. The example above, "Bottle of Spirits", shows how Treasures are designed to be flexible, allowing Adventurers and Game Masters to interpret consequences in whatever way they deem most fun. 

Many Treasures unleash powerful effects, but some are stronger than others. To account for this, Treasures are split into common and rare categories. Common Treasures appear in our Treasure deck three times apiece, while rare Treasures appear in our Treasure deck only once.

The Quests

The Mad Island Quest in Firelight (art by Loika)

The Mad Island Quest in Firelight (art by Loika)

Quests are the driving force in Firelight. They provide Game Masters with scenarios and story progression to present to players, and they provide Adventurers with concrete objectives to complete. In the above example, Adventurers are kidnapped and forced to battle hideous creatures as they attempt to escape a mad scientist's island. Other Quest topics include:

  • Fighting in a professional wrestling tournament
  • Robbing a train
  • Travelling undersea to negotiate peace between Mermen and humans
  • Arranging the perfect wedding ceremony for a client
  • Rescuing a missing pet from a dangerous forest
  • Chasing an art thief through enchanted paintings
  • Entering a friend's dreams to perform a little homebrew psychiatric work
  • Stealing a priceless painting from a masquerade ball

If variety is the spice of life, Firelight's Quests are the board game equivalent of five-alarm chili. That is to say, each of the game's 20 Quests offers a completely unique experience, and due to the randomness inherent in character creation, Treasure generation, and player agency, each individual Quest will be massively different each time it is played. 

We worked hard to make sure there are Quests for every type of role-player, whether you like chaos, combat, character-driven epics, or something in between. Some Quests are designed specifically to facilitate the creation of strong, empathetic characters, while others lead naturally towards large battles or gravity-defying action scenes. But the real beauty of the system is that any Quest can go in any direction, as Firelight is ultimately 100% player-driven.

It's a system that One Shot's James D'Amato calls "one of the most robust ‘beer & pretzel’ RPGs that I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing" - And with over 200 episodes of One Shot under his belt, each featuring a different RPG, that's a great indication we're moving in the right direction.

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