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Artist Profile: Vicki Tsai

We've finally made it - The final of our Artist Profiles before our Kickstarter launches this July!

Previously, we've shone the spotlight on Michelle Czajkowski's magical "Wizard", Loika's shimmering "The Lantern Festival", and Caitlin Scannell's lovable "Firelight Box Art", each of which brings a unique interpretation to the world of Firelight. 

Today's profile again brings one artist's unique style to the forefront - Read on to see how Vicki Tsai's colorful artwork makes Firelight's Adventurers feel at once personable and larger-than-life. And if you enjoy the work below, check out the Space Buns, Women's Day, and A Woman A Queen A Mother pieces by Vicki!

Trickster by Vicki Tsai

Firelight's "Trickster" Adventurer, by Vicki Tsai

Firelight's "Trickster" Adventurer, by Vicki Tsai

The Trickster is a devious character who specializes in schemes and sleight of hand. Playing as the Trickster, players can re-draw Treasure cards they don't like, steal initiative from enemies upon entering a battle, and even create magical illusions. When choosing an artist for the Trickster, Vicki's work immediately stood out thanks to her vivid use of color and expressive facial work. The Trickster's sly eyes and smile perfectly capture the character's playstyle.

Troubadour by Vicki Tsai

Firelight's "Troubadour" Adventurer, by Vicki Tsai

Firelight's "Troubadour" Adventurer, by Vicki Tsai

As the Troubadour's lute suggests, this character is a very musical one. Much like a Bard in other role-playing games, the Troubadour can use his/her instruments and voice to magical effect, buffing allies prior to battle, calling in reinforcements, and more. The Troubadour's lighthearted, musical style comes to life in Vicki's lively character portrait, which shows the character mid-song.

What's Next?

After each of the above sketches is finalized, they will be applied to our game cards and used to give players guidance and inspiration during their play sessions. Better yet, each Quest card will be jumbo-sized, giving players a better view of all the magic.

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