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Happy Holidays from HobbyHorse Games!


Season's greetings from HobbyHorse Games! Wherever you are in the world, we want to wish you a happy and festive holiday season, and a wonderful New Year!

We won't be updating the blog or the Kickstarter much over the holiday, but we have big plans for 2018. The hope is to be able to post one blog per week during the first half of the year! 

Of course, a good Adventurer never stops chasing the horizon, and that is why, with a few weeks "off" for the holidays, we'll still be working on Add-Ons and other products behind the scenes. Hopefully that means we'll have some neat stuff to show off over the first few months of 2018! Not to mention the holiday break is a great chance to force... er, coerce friends and family to test out any new projects we may have in mind.

So once again, from us to you, have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year!!