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Firelight Manufacturing & Payments Update

Greetings Adventurers! As we move into the 2017 holiday season, we also enter a busy period of manufacturing for Firelight and its various Add-Ons and accessories. Because we have many different products shipping to in numerous configurations to fans all over the world, a great deal of preparation and care has been required in order to ensure that the production pipeline proceeds smoothly.

It is for that reason (as well as some personal reasons incurred during the last few months) that this - what should be one of our final manufacturing updates before the game ships - Comes a bit later than we had initially wanted. Regardless, we wanted to assure everyone that your orders are progressing as normal and should still be ready to ship around the end of March, 2018 if all goes well! 

We have split out our game and various Add-Ons by production status below:

Firelight Production Status

  • Firelight core game: Quote submitted and approved, and entering full production. Finalizing specifics of international shipping with our fulfillment partners in Europe. Unfortunately, a small delay is possible here as we are manufacturing in China, and the tail end of our manufacturing period could fall within the New Year holiday - We will keep you posted if this seems to be the case!
  • Custom Dice: Quote submitted and approved. In the process of submitting specifications for custom die sides.
  • Books (Art Book, GM Handbook & Map Book): Preparing layouts for final review. Will submit and print locally, to be completed in early 2018.
  • Eldritch Visions Expansion: Artwork, along with Quest and Adventurer designs, are nearly completed! Expect a steady rollout of information following Spring 2018, as we get more feedback on the core game.

Important: Payment Info 

To everyone who has already submitted your BackerKit surveys: Your cards will not be charged until January 30, 2018. This is to give everyone time to recover from the often-expensive holiday season. You will have until this time to add items or adjust orders before your payments are locked.

Once again, we want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who backed Firelight on Kickstarter. Your faith and generosity have kept us working hard through this busy season.